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Ahmet İçduygu coordinated and participated in research which well integrates theoretical approaches on migration to public policy. In addition to his own individual research projects, Prof. İçduygu has conducted various research projects for the international organizations such as IOM, UNHCR, EU, OECD and ILO. As the director of MiReKoc, he is involved in arranging and participating in a range of projects in order to motivate national and international networks and to strengthen research capacity in the field of migration. MiReKoc has become a partner in several national and international research projects funded by various institutions and agencies.

Latest Projects
EURA-NET: Transnational Migration in Transition: Transformative Characteristics of Temporary Mobility of People (European Union Funded Project)

Researchers: Ahmet İçduygu, İlke Şanlıer Yüksel


The aim of the EURA-NET project is to map the extent of temporary transnational migration and mobility in the European-Asian context and assess its implications. Case studies will be carried out of eleven countries: China, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, and Ukraine. For each of these countries, information will be collected on the national policies and legislation in place concerning temporary migration, and the quantity of temporary border-crossing movements. In a following step, each country research team will interview 80 migrants about their experiences of temporary transnational mobility, and 40-60 policy-makers about how they perceive and portray temporary transnational movements. Finally, the project will focus on the European policy and legal sphere.The project is coordinated by the University of Tampere in Finland, and for Koç University, MiReKoc is participating. EURA-NET runs from 1 February 2014 until 21 January 2017. The findings of the EURA-NET project will be disseminated in the form of policy reports, policy briefs, policy seminars, and other academic publications. 

LeFAMSol (European Union funded project)

Researchers: Ahmet İçduygu, Meriç Çağlar, Ayşem Biriz Karaçay

Starting from November 2013, a two year project funded by The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the EU, ‘Learning for Female African Migrants’ Solidarity: Help-Desks for Female African Migrants in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (LeFAMSol)’ Project No: 539979-LLP-1-2013-1-GR-GRUNDTVIG-GMP, is a curriculum delevopement project for hard to reach target groups of adults, oriented towards cultural mediation and peer training. The project focuses on Female African Migrant Groups aiming initially to create pool of human resources that can operate gender/ethnically delineated ‘Self- Help Desks’.

INTEGRIM (European Union funded FP7 Project)


Funded by the Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITN) call FP7-PEOPLE-2012-ITN, the aim of this research training programme is to structure the existing high-quality research capacity on Migration and Integration policies and processes in the European Union and neighboring countries. Based on a longstanding cooperation, the eight partners involved from Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Hungary and Turkey are fully committed to establish a joint research and training programme on public policies and processes related with migration and the integration of immigrants. The project duration is 48 months.

Finalized Projects

Project on ‘The Russian-Turkish Migratory System: Methods of Estimations and Forecasting in Migration Flows’ - The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)


Project on ‘Migrants' Tendencies Towards Naturalization in Turkey: Perceptions and Experiences’ - The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)


Project on ‘The Russian-Turkish Migratory System: Methods of Estimations and Forecasting in Migration Flows’ - The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)


Project on ‘EUMAGINE - Imagining Europe from the outside’ - EU – FP7


Project on ‘: Institutional Reform Plan: Readmission and Visa Facilitation Agreement Between the EU and Azerbaijan’ – EU and Azerbaijani Goverment


Project on ‘Assessment of a Possible Readmission Agreement Between the EU and Turkey’ – EU and MoI


Project on ‘Civil Society in Turkey, 2nd STEP’ - Third Sector Foundation of Turkey


Project on “Irregular Border-crossings: Mexico-USA and Turkey-Greece Borders” – German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF)


Project on “Urban Management of International Migration, Turkey, Italy, and Spain” (MUIM-TIE) – EU – Civil Society Dialogue


Project on “Transnationalism” (TRANS-NET) – EU – FP7


Project on “Policies of Immigration and Emigration in Turkey, 1923-2023” – The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)


Project on ‘Civi l Society in Turkey, 1st STEP’ - Third Sector Foundation of Turkey


Project on ‘Labour Consequences of Irregular Migration in Turkey’ - International Labour Organization


Project on ‘Irregular Migration in Turkey ’ - International Organization for Migration


Project on ‘Transit Migration in Turkey’ - Population Council


Project on ‘Internal Migration in Turkey’ - Economic and Social History Foundation of Turkey


Project on ‘Human Rights in Turkey’ - Bilkent University


Project on ‘Root Causes of International Migration’- Eurostat, European Union


Project on 'Induced Abortions in Turkey' – Bilkent University


Project on ‘Transit Migration Issues in Turkey - International Organization for Migration


Project on ‘Consequences of International Migration for the Sending Society, Turkey’- Australian National University


Project on ‘Settlement and Adjustment of Turkish Immigrants in Sweden’- Swedish Institute


Project on ‘Evaluation of Migration Histories of the Turkish Immigrants Living in Melbourne, Australia’- the Australian National University


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