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 A committed teacher in the past two decades, Ahmet İçduygu has been instructing students from all over the world. He teaches on migration studies, theories and practices of citizenship, international organizations, civil society, nationalism and ethnicity, and research methods.


Department of International Relations, Koç University,
Istanbul, Turkey

Courses entitled:


‘Turkish Politics’, (Undergraduate Program)

‘International Organizations and NGO’s’, (Undergraduate Program)

‘Selected Topics in International Relations - International Migration’, (Undergraduate Program)

‘Selected Topics in International Relations' - Nationalism and Ethnicity’, (Undergraduate Program)


‘Research Methods’, (Graduate Program)



Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Bilkent University,
Ankara, Turkey

Courses entitled:


‘Fundamentals of Social Research’, (Undergraduate Program)

‘Research Methods’, (Undergraduate and Graduate Program)

‘Population, Society and Politics’, (Undergraduate and Graduate Program)

'Introduction to Sociology’’, (Undergraduate Program)

‘Politics of Population’, (Undergraduate Program)

‘Political Dynamics in Changing Societies', (Undergraduate Program)

‘Civil Society in Turkey’, (Undergraduate Program)

‘Nationalism and Ethnicity’, (Graduate Program)


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